Create Traffic Online With Article Marketing

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Create Traffic Online With Article Marketing

The main function of many WebPages is to deliver information of value. People use search engines to find web pages that deliver information of value to them. This is where articles come in. Articles are used to give information of value to the online surfer. This demand for such articles converts them to an important marketing tool.

A Simple Process

Article marketing is a simple process. First, you have to write an article that is of great value to the readers. Then you add a bio at the end of it and a couple of links within the body. Viola! You are ready to go. This dramatically affects the amount of traffic going to your website and even increases your search engine ranking. More people pour into your site from search engines as well.

The article should be anywhere between 250 to 1000 words, though larger articles are permissible as well. Do not be blatantly promotional. Up to three links are generally allowed. Make the information useful. A bio of 75 – 150 words is generally one that works well.

Proofread all your articles carefully. The smallest errors need to be avoided as they damage your reputation online. To create traffic online with article marketing, submit your articles to sites like, and These sites charge a nominal fee. The number of articles you write matters here. The more articles are written, the better.

Work Towards a Great Headline

Invest your time in writing a great headline. A headline is what noticed first when you create traffic online with an article is marketing. It is what draws a reader to read your article or overlook it. Naturally, you must work on the headline as the most important part of the article. Use credible words. Be specific, believable and beneficial.

Invest Time in a Signature/Bio

The Bio is the second most important part of the article after the headline. The anchor text in the bio should include the phrase that you want to rank highly on in search results. If you want to rank highly on “New York Lawyers”, make sure that it is a part of the bio and features as the anchor text that links back to your website.

Register a Google Alert For Your Article

Within 3-4 days Google will start showing you where your article appears. You will be surprised and even amazed at the results. Google alerts also let you track down article thieves that copy your work.

The Time-Consuming Part of Article Submission

The most time-consuming part when you create traffic online with article marketing is the initial registration. Once this is done you can easily submit articles to the same directories using the same username and password.

Submitting an article to 50 article directories should generate over 200 backlinks within 3-6 months.

Bookmark the Web Pages with Your Articles

To create traffic online through article marketing, bookmark the web pages with your articles with popular bookmark sites, for example, and, these sites are growing in popularity by the day. Adding social bookmark links to your articles makes it easy for readers to find your content. It’s also enjoyable, simple and efficient. You can use this Social Bookmarking to bookmark your articles with more than 50+ social bookmarking sites. You can also add the “Bookmark It” button on your website so your visitors will be able to bookmark it with the most Popular Bookmarking Services.

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